Introducing Support Logix.

Our Services

Support Logix provides Business Analyst Consultancy focusing on software development and support of management accounting. Support Logix also provides services in Quality Management including Quality Auditing services. Over the top of all services we can provide Project Management Services to companies and organisations. We have experience in the following industries; Manufacturing (FMCG, Food, Print, Textile, Timber & Joinery), Supply Chain, Wholesale Retail, Utilities (Contracting and Network Divisions), Health (DHB's) and Software Development Companies. Please note we can also provide some services to industry outside our experience base.

Support Logix is known for creative solutions and driving efficiency gains. With experience across a number of business disciplines; software design, software development, process engineering, quality management, project management, supply chain management and management accounting we bring a unique knowledge set together to analyse, resolve problems, drive efficiency gains and create value.

What makes us different

Support Logix always looks at the big picture when giving advice and when auditing because problems and underlying causes of inefficiency are more often than not directly related to the environment set by top level decisions, examples might be like; not measuring key performance indicators therefore insufficient focus and resource is allocated to resolving underlying issues, or poor governance structures don’t provide effective leadership, or not empowering the workforce to care about quality, one department not providing good service to another, communication and learnings of best practice is not shared between sites. Support Logix will focus on ensuring the underlying causes are highlighted so management can make corrective actions to improve the current state.

Support Logix also has an understanding of LEAN principles and these principles can be applied to any industry or organisation, we work to bring efficiencies into processors and systems including software. Waste is an opportunity in waiting to be eliminated, and having effective software and using integrated technologies with focused leadership and empowering the work force any business can advance their productivity levels reducing costs while at the same time improve their customer service levels improving profitability. Support Logix, we truly care about performance.

Support Logix provides services throughout New Zealand. Make contact with us today if you would like assistance with any of our core services.