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Work Completed by Support Logix

Here is a sample of some of the work a Support Logix Business Analyst has completed.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Optimisation Application

Support Logix reviewed the current practices of completing a consolidated Master Scheduling plan for 10 factories that was done manually within a Spreadsheet and designed an SQL Server Based application that replaced the manual process. The application prioritised the planned sales that returned the highest gross margin returns and allowed product substitutions where there were similar products available to fill the customer orders. In this way the application optimised the supply against the demand to return the highest gross margin. Because the computer algorithm completed the task it was also 100% thorough in the execution of the planning.

The application completed the process 300% faster than the manual process and was able to be run several times. This meant the finished plan was a result of being optimised more than once. This model improved the inventory and enabled a reduction in forecast shorts improving profitability. Support Logix also wrote the supporting business case for this software development.

Human Resources

Data Validation Application

Support Logix deisnged an application that scanned approximately 700 Remuneration Contract Excel Workbooks daily and compared key information against their Payroll application. This allowed the Exceptions to be raised when their were anomalies between the Contract and what was actually being paid. The applicatoin validated the data reducing payroll errors of over and under payments.

This prototype application was so successful the client then wanted a Functional Specification written for a .Net solution to be developed.

Business Analysis

Executive Dashboard

Support Logix developed an Executive Sales Dashboard for a Food Manufacturer in Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Servcies. This showed many different metrics concerning sales performance and allowed for increased focus to be applied to sales management.

HACCP Production Floor

Support Logix developed a Production Floor for a food manufacturer that wanted to incorporate recipe instructions in the sequence of order of the ingredients the product used. The Production floor amalgamated the two information sets and allowed batch numbers to be assigned to each ingredient. The production floor produced production floor orders for every batch, and because the information was always on hand and updated, this meant that quality output was to a very high and consistent standard. The production floor allowed future production orders to be raised and therfore ingredient needs could be calculated.

Management Accounting Support

Standard Labour Cost Review

For a FMCG Food manufacturer there was no clear timesheet recording of production by department, with employees often switching and multi-tasking between departments and products. This making it dificult to establish Standard Labour Cost Rates. Support Logix was able to analyse the production data, the payroll data and the product structures to allocate times against a product. Then using the law of averages was able to work out the standard labour cost per each product.

Profit and Loss Management Report

For a Print manufacturer Support Logix developed a Profit and Loss Report that showed both financial and quantitative performance information used for Management. The report was produced in Microsoft Excel and extracted data from their ERP application JD Edwards. This was made possible with extensive programming in Visual Basic for Applications.

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