VBA Programming

Support Logix

Support Logix programs in Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Access® Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for Companies, Organisations and Government entities.

We have completed work in VBA programming for District Health Boards, Manufacturers and Local Government to name a few industires however we can provide solutions in any industry and would welcome queries from your industry. We specialise in Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Access®. We also provide support in Microsoft Excel® in advanced formula work. Here is a list of topics of when a Visual Basic for Applications Programmer can save you time and money.

Support Logix provides Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Access® VBA programming work from local companies and organisations in New Zealand and Microsoft Excel® work from International companies and organisations. Contact us today to discuss a project where Support Logix can help.

For international clients you can email your Microsoft Excel® Spreadsheet via our email address on our Contact page, write a good description of what you would like us to accomplish. We will review the work and decide whether we can take the project on. We will outline project milestones and might stipulate a payment be made on conclusion of each milestone. Payments can be made by returning to this page and using Paypal below or we can send you a Paypal Payment method Invoice. Support Logix looks forward to being of service for you.