Quality Management

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Quality Management Systems

We can help you with your Quality Management System, whether you have an ISO standard or wanting to acheive an ISO Standard or if if you are in the Food Industry and need to certify for HACCP. Support Logix has many years writing experience and can create process flow diagrams and written procedures.

Your Quality Management System no longer needs to be in a book with re-issues being an expensive task, it can now be done online. Your Quality Management System documents need to be 'living' always in constant change representing the latest best practices of the business.

Quality Auditing

Support Logix provides Audits from the starting position of the Big Picture working down through the organisation to the detail. In this way we look for the root of the problems and also identify areas where there are opportunities to improve. We use the auditing philosophy on smaller audits also, ensuring that the bigger issues that may be contributing to current performance are highlighted and therefore can be addressed. We take great pride in the quality of our audit reports.

Support Logix doesn't specialise in ISO or HACCP audits for certification but where we can help is get you up to standard and to complete an independent audit so your ready for an official audit. We can also train your staff on how to complete an Internal Audit.

We can also provide an Independent Auditor for large technology Projects where you have a Project Quality Plan. We have experience in auditing multi-million dollar technology construction projects and can partner with you. We typically spend the same amount of time writing the report as in conducting the audit, so you will always get a comprehensive audit report.

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